Of Mango Dreams…

Mango Kiwi

Going to India makes me think only of mangoes. I was ten or twelve years old and my first memories of summer are climbing the mango trees and shaking the mangoes down to greedily collect later. The kind that cannot be cut, but must only be eaten by sucking the meat out, from on top! Extremely satisfying, with the juices running down my chin.

I am, however, not going on happy business to India. My mom is sick, very sick. She had a stroke more than a year ago and being away from her, being helpless in not being able to help her, has left me deeply frustrated. She was more or less a single mom and I don’t know anyone as fiercely independent as her. A gift she has given me and one I hope to give to my own daughter. Mom was a brilliant cook and my association and love for food is thanks to her. And even though our conversations are not the same anymore, starting this blog makes me feel intensely close to her. So, this is for you mom…

I was nervous making this jam because the mangoes we get here in Holland are nowhere close to the Indian ones. If you haven’t tasted an Indian mango, you haven’t tasted a mango at all! And, when I thought I had picked out one of the better looking mangoes, duly checked by my nose, I still got a not so great one. I was determined to try the jam so I went and used it anyway. Jams usually get a nice amount of sugar, so that was going to compensate it I thought. Kiwi I thought would be a niceΒ  unusual addition.

Now I had never made jam before and I can assure you its one of the simplest things you’ll make. This jam is tangy and when I mixed it with some spicy Indian potatoes I’d made, it was amazing too. The perfect balance of sweet and savory…

Look out for my next few posts from India!

Mango Kiwi Jam/Chutney

Mango Kiwi

2 ripe kiwi’s (around 150 grams)
1 ripe mango (around 200 grams)
juice of one lemon
150 grams jelly sugar
1 very clean pan for cooking the ingredients *
clean pot for storing the jam

Peel the kiwi and cut into quarters. Peel the mango and try and get as much flesh as you can from around the seed. Don’t worry if the mango is not very sweet but do make sure it is ripe, you don’t want a raw mango.
Put both fruit in a mixer and puree well.
Put the puree mixture into your clean pan, with the lemon juice and jelly sugar and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to low and let cook for 4-5 minutes. Stir the jam mixture now and then. You’re done!

Pour the mixture into your prepared clean pot and set on its head for at least five minutes. This will create the vacuum and insure that your jam stays longer in the refrigerator.

Β Mango Kiwi

Mango Kiwi

Mango Kiwi

* To make sure that your pan is disinfected, cook water with soda for ten minutes. Drain and dry off with a clean kitchen cloth.

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