4th of July Berry Sandwiches

berry sandwiches

I’ve never been much of a bread kind of person. Growing up in India, I liked bread but only the flatbread, indian sort. I never tired of my daily dose of parantha or chapatti. And since some 15 years ago, when I seemed to have had a gene that didn’t allow me to put on an ounce of weight, I packed it in! Today, of course is another matter.:)

Maybe, I also never liked bread then, because we barely had a choice. It usually was only of the white kind.

berry sandwiches

And then I came to Holland.

And today, bread is the best part of my day. My most treasured, 15, quiet, peaceful minutes of heaven, with my most favorite bread and my cup of chai, in the morning. India and Holland coming together!:)

So, I wanted to be brave and try baking my own. AND, I just noticed how I’ve been playing with fruit in my food lately. Honestly, completely coincidental but wonderful just the same. So, its only natural to use fruit again in my latest recipe. Especially since I found the most beautiful, raspberry strawberries! I’d never seen those before.

I’ve also used fellow blogger, The Clever Carrot’s recipe for hamburger buns. I just replaced plain flour for multi-grain for this recipe. Since I was using fruit, I thought the grain and the seeds would go so well with the sweet, juicy fruit. I do urge you to try, it is a fantastic recipe and easy beyond words.

And they came out perfect. And, so bursting with flavor and healthy deliciousness. And the best thing, they are so easy to put together too, there is no need for any measurements.
So go enjoy a healthy lunch and happy happy 4th of July!

berry sandwiches

berry sandwiches

berry sandwiches

soft goat cheese
hamburger buns, you can make your own (recipe here) or just buy them at the store
salt and pepper to taste

to make
Cut open the buns. Crumble the goat cheese onto the bottom section of the bun. I have used goat cheese but you could use just about any cheese, soft or hard and in the quantity that your heart desires! Place the berries on top of the cheese. Again you can use others fruits like peach, pears and or other berry fruits. Drizzle with a generous helping of honey. Some salt and pepper and your sandwich is ready

Serve immediately.

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