Will You Be My Valentine?



Till recently I belonged to the ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ club. Not anymore.:)

I want to celebrate every cliche I can think of. I am going overboard I know, but what the heck, right? You only live once and if you have someone in your life whom you love deeply and madly, someone who till today, after 10 years can give you butterflies in your tummy every time you set eyes on him, then cliches are good.

So, be naughty, be spicy, and shower the person you love with love. No gifts required! Why not cook dinner together? And feed chocolate dipped strawberries to each other. What can be more romantic than that?! They are easy, delicious and so very ehm, sensual…

You can use any kind of dip from jam to caramel to coconut and nuts like I have here.




Or you could also dip orange slices in chocolate!.Β  I used minolas. They are so yummy. The tangy-ness of the orange with the bitter sweetness of the chocolate. Divine!


a box of strawberries (6-8)
100 grams pure chocolate
100 grams white chocolate
1 tbsp sweetened coconut flakes
1 tbsp hazelnuts, crushed fine

to prepare
Line a plate with baking paper.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Wash your strawberries and dip in the melted chocolate. Let sit for a few minutes before you dip in the coconut or hazelnuts.

For the white chocolate tip. After you dip the strawberries in pure chocolate, set on a plate and put in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to set. Once hardened, dip in melted white chocolate and put back in refrigerator.

Note: you can basically use any kind of dip. Be creative!

4 thoughts on “Will You Be My Valentine?

  1. You have such a beautiful blog and I have seen delicous bakes and dishes that I think i am drooling. And love your photography too.

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